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Cordys Community

Whether you are part of an Enterprise, ISV or a Service provider, if are looking how Cordys can solve your business challenge, then you need to know what is inside the Cordys Community. The Cordys Community provides all the information you need to help you understand everything about the Cordys platform, and how to sell and/or implement it. Our Community is essential for everybody who is working with Cordys, but is tailored for Business Analysts, Architects and Developers. Over 9,000 Professionals already use the Cordys Community to connect with peers and to share knowledge, information and ideas.

Why Join the Cordys Community?

Cordys shares all her knowledge realtime with all her audiences. Whatever we produce is made available for you in your role as for instance Business Analyst, Architect or Developer. Our users find great value in being able to be updated immediately of any event he/she is subscribed to inside our Community. As a community member, you are able to hook up with people that have knowledge from the source and are willing to share it with you.

Can Cordys do it?

Inside our Community you can find precise explanation on how to apply our Cordys products. When you become a partner of Cordys, you will get access to our marketing and selling materials and you can benefit from solutions that were already built somewhere else. For our customers we share our product information required to assess: Can Cordys do it?

How does Cordys do it?

You can learn our methods and products for free in a very flexible way. All our training material including a fully functional VM image can be downloaded. After you gained your knowledge, you can get certified as a recognized Cordys professional.

Join now – It’s free!

Cordys Community is not an exclusive community restricted for a group of people only. It is a community for everyone who is interested in the Cordys platform. Even so, this Community has different access levels for different users:

  • Customers; access as Community Users and Customers
  • Partners; access as Community Users and Partners
  • Anyone else; access as Community Users,

Last but not least: The Cordys Community access is free and instant.

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About Cordys

Cordys is a global cloud platform software provider that helps businesses move to the cloud quickly and with minimal risk. The Cordys platform combines Platform as a Service, enterprise application development, a complete Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) and the next generation of high productivity middleware. Global 2000 enterprises choose this analyst-recognised platform to improve their business operations, deliver better customer service and release additional value from existing IT. Service providers implement the platform to leverage cloud business opportunities, create new high value products and services in the cloud and reduce cost while driving innovation.